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Course updated May 2014.

An easier way to learn search engine optimization.
No agonizing commitment to teaching yourself, or giving up for paid search.
No complex material, no alleged “secret tactics” that no one else knows.
Just a simple, educational course that will increase your understanding within hours.

The ClickMinded SEO training course was designed to help lay the foundation for how search engines rank websites. It’s a 2+ year project that has been taught and optimized multiple times in both New York and San Francisco.

You’ll learn why higher rankings means more traffic, what search engines are looking for when determining where to rank your site, and some of the tools and tactics I like to use to acquire more users. You’ll walk away from this training with a detailed understanding of how search engine optimization fundamentally works.

The course has been updated multiple times, and includes content on the following:

Google’s Panda Update
Google’s Penguin Update
Google’s Hummingbird Update
Google Keyword Planner
Local SEO
International SEO
Mobile SEO
Secure Search
Schema Markup

… and more!

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