Patient Attraction Episode 117: There’s No Secret to Effective SEO
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Hello everyone, welcome to May 2014. Today I’ll try not to bore you with a discussion of SEO in hopes that you won’t do the same thing to your potential patients when you use it. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here and I want to talk to you about one of, if not THE, most important things in your web marketing efforts: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

– Here is why SEO is so important:

– Most of the patients YOU want to attract are searching online for whatever dental problem they are having; research shows that 93 percent of consumers begin with a search engine

– Most are going to use Google; 70 percent of people worldwide use Google

– 75 percent will never look past the first page of a Google search

– So how do you dominate that first page of a Google search?

– Keywords that link back to your website are what move your name higher and higher up a Google search results list.

– Those keywords can be from your own web pages, from blogs you write, from articles you have published, from mentions in the news media and press releases you issue, from patient reviews on Yelp, from your LinkedIn profile … lots of places, as you can see.

– The more ways you can link your names to the terms that potential patients are looking for, the higher you will rank when prospects search those terms.

– That’s because Google scours the Internet using complex computer programs and then ranks those keywords using complex mathematical formulas.

– Now here’s where it get’s REALLY complex: not all links carry the same value. So just like when you’re fishing with your buddies, the person with the most fish doesn’t necessarily have bragging rights over the person with the biggest fish.

– So a mention of All on 4 implants on your site doesn’t carry as much weight as, say, an article in your local paper about you doing the All on 4 procedure.

– The SEO value is even greater when someone reposts or shares that article within their social network. See how complex it all is?

– What’s NOT complex is what Google wants you to do to move up the search engine rankings page.

– Google wants you to provide quality content that can really help people when they search for a problem they are having. That means the content should be useful even if it had no SEO value at all.

– And what Google DOESN’T want is you stuffing a whole bunch of keywords into a webpage that doesn’t really tell people anything when they find it. That is boring and unhelpful to anyone who reads it.

– Our friends at SearchEngineWatch, which is a website devoted to this kind of thing and a site we read very carefully to stay up on the latest information, recently wrote a blog on this very subject.

– In it, they strongly encouraged small business owners to work closely with their SEO providers to provide higher-quality content. Doing so will not only help readers but increase SEO in the current search engine environment.

– Well, as Bruce Willis said in “Die Hard,” “Welcome to the party, pal.” We’ve been telling clients that for years! In fact, if you regularly watch this podcast, you’ve heard me say it plenty of times.

– So if you really want to optimize your SEO to get to the top of the Google search pages, write with readers in mind and make sure your SEO provider is doing the same.

– We’ll talk more tomorrow about why more and more small businesses, including dental practices, are hiring companies to maximize their SEO.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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