Brad Fallon on Julie Perry’s “YouTube Secret Weapon” for Video Optimization (SEO) search engine

Brad Fallon on Julie Perry’s “YouTube Secret Weapon” for Video Optimization (SEO) search engine marketing website marketing bulkping video SEO Expert, Brad Fallon, offers this testimonial of the recent “YouTube Secret Weapon” DVD product, released by former TheBoaters TV creator, Julie Perry, and podcasting pioneer, Paul Colligan.

Brad Fallon says: “The tricks Julie employs to insure maximum exposure of any kind of video you’ve uploaded to YouTube are pretty stealth…There are things she’s figured out with regard to the YouTube indexing algorithm that impressed the heck out of me–and I’m an SEO guy! It would seriously take you over a hundred hours of trial and error to figure out all of her strategies on your own.”
– Brad Fallon
CEO FreeIQ, Co-Founder StomperNet, and Producer FreeLine Report

This 2-part, 3-1/2 hour DVD set is now available for purchase at

Find out how to get more views on your YouTube videos, and better yet, how to attract web—viewers who are interested in your video content and will feel compelled to head directly over to your main website, blog or other online content.

For free tips on video marketing on YouTube — as well as across the Internet with video syndication distribution services — please visit the *YouTube Secret Weapon Blog* at:

Meanwhile, grab your copy of “YouTube Secret Weapon” to learn how to maximize your views on YouTube so you can profit from every video you upload!

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(Brad Fallon)
Brad Fallon
[Brad Fallon]
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