Search Engine Optimization Expert Hot Leads with Blogging Part 2 search engine optimization expert Nathan Salmon of Capital-Visions teaches his clients the strategies to increase your seo rankings. search engine optimization training is necessary for any small to medium size business owner who wants to have a major advantage over his / her competition. The techniques used can make your rankings higher when your customers are looking. THe paid results known as pay per click and naturall organic listings is where you need to be. Why is search engine optimization important from a marketers point of view? For one search engine optimization pulls a lot more traffic than pay per click many eye tracking surveys reveal 80% of Internet users click on the 1st 3 listings of Google. Other reasons are that naturally listings are perceived to be none biased. search engine optimization gives the best return on your investment than any other marketing medium as there are no bidding wars or click fraud in SEO and finally SEO helps in creating an online brand for your business. If you decide to do search engine optimization in house then your first vital strategy is keyword research. You can inexpensively perform these strategies from Google, Yahoo Search Engine Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center. You can use their free Search Engine tools. Type in a keyword and see how many other variations of that keyword which people search for. You can use it has a great tool which will help you advance. You need to research your competition the higher the percentage means more competitors and commercial viability. 4 important tasks

1) FInd all your competitors
2) Find how important these websites are
3) Find Link Popularity
4) FInd number of indexed pages.

Next you need to cover on page optimisation and off page optimisation. The key to true Success Online is to be able to have multiple listings on the 1st page of Google like Videos, Images, Articles, Podcasts etc. You need to be leveraging Social Media & Video Marketing so that you can truly become the HUNTED instead of the Hunter. search engines will index your content correctly as long as you do it in the right order.

The key to link development is to get as many high link value sites to link back to you. Remember what I said before about Google’s page rank tool you want important or related sites to link back to you. You should submit them to Online Directories and Local Directories this is crucial. Now after you have done this you want to start a strong Link Popularity Development. Search engine optimization expert Nathan Salmon of Capital-Visions wants to help you get free leads and traffic to chase you. All you need to do is position yourself in the Eye of the Storm if you want to know how to dominate with these powerful strategies and techniques by leveraging sites like:

Twitter & Google

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Training is not a problem either because we have a We Do it for You Service but I also teach you how to become a search engine optimization expert.

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