Search Engine Marketing Expo 2012


In this edition of Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks with Jonathan Goodman about some of the tips, techniques and predictions taken away from SMX 2012.

Jonathan holds several business degrees and has been creating websites since the “Dawn of the Internet.” He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and is currently the president of Halyard Consulting.

SMX East 2012, an industry conference on search marketing took place recently, with speakers sharing expert insight to attendees with a broad range of levels of expertise.

Google — On A Rampage to Improve User Experience

The abundant changes in Google’s algorithm as of late are no secret. It seems that as soon as webmasters get their bearings after one change, another one pops up and stirs things up again. Search engine experts at SMX 2012 analyzed these changes and came to some exciting conclusions.

While Google always keeps us guessing a little bit, one speaker summed up two of the updates quite well, pointing out that Panda affected content while Penguin was all about links. Jonathan expands on how websites were affected by these updates and what some webmasters are doing to effectively recover.

Content is Still King — But Google’s Taking it Even Further

Jonathan discusses differentiated content. Over the years, one thing has remained true when it comes to SEO: content is king. It appears that as of late, Google is cracking down and taking it a step further. To succeed online, content needs to be unique and it needs to be ADDING to the conversation. The days of spinning articles for search engine rankings are over.

James and Jonathan discuss Google’s new disavow tool, an apparent “second chance” for webmasters who have dabbled in not-exactly-white-hat techniques. Jonathan outlines who exactly should be using the tool and when.

Google Predictions — What to Look Forward To

Jonathan offers some exciting predictions about what to look forward to in the coming months. He points out exactly what he believes Google will be cracking down on in the coming months after hearing what the experts had to say at SMX east.

– thin content with a bunch of links
– bad PR balance when it comes to backlinks
– irrelevant infographics
– low relevance blog posts
– repetitive keywords and anchor text

One thing is still true: it’s all about bringing the user value! If you want to be successful online, you absolutely must make sure your content is doing just that.

Jonathan’s internet marketing firm, Halyard Consulting specializes in building and maintaining WordPress websites as well as helping companies rank better in search engines by producing great content and building quality backlinks.


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